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Advanced post analysis
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50 posts
100 posts
Stories analysis
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Best times to post
Last post automatic analysis
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Discover sponsored posts
Discover viral posts
Hashtag E.R.
Video analysis
View Rate
Like vs Comments
Find new hashtags
Check banned hashtags
Percentage of opportunity
Number of hashtag lists
Copy and paste Hashtag lists
Hashtag analysis of your profiles
Hashtag analysis of other profiles
Hashtag analysis of clients' profiles
Number of lists
Profiles for each list
Customizable table
Growth comparison last month
Download PDF report
Interactive reports (business insights)
Set password
Send reports to clients via email
Set automatic report sending
Customize the time frame
Add your logo
Report Smart
Export CSV / EXCEL file
Business profiles (No password)
Profiles "smart"
Business insights analysis and report
Report Smart
Set automatic report sending
Analysis Plus included
For your profiles
For your profiles
For your profiles and those of your clients
Analysis Plus extra
1 every month
2 every month
3 every month
Automatic growth analysis
Automatic post analysis
Reliability analysis of the profile
Sponsored vs organic engagement
Top post for growth and/or engagement
Collaboration posts
Posts Engagement Rate
Post format analysis
Analyze more than 12 publications
Number of collaborators
Access to your profiles Business insights
Analysis of other profiles
Hashtag analysis
Download, send and schedule reports
Add customer profiles

Find answer to your questions!

Not Just Analytics uses the official permissions of Instagram (API) to be able to analyze the insights of your profiles, which necessarily require the connection via Facebook and the acceptance of all permissions.
In order to analyze the business insights of your Instagram profile (business or creator) it is necessary that it is connected to a Facebook page of which you are administrator.
Yes! If you are not the administrator of the Facebook page connected to the Instagram profile, you can use the Client function (PRO subscription). Just type the username of the profile and we will send a connection request to the owner. Once confirmed you will have access to the analysis of their business insights!
Not Just Analytics uses the official permissions of Instagram (API). This guarantees the safety of your profile at 100%: it is not necessary to provide us with your profile password, your profile will not be penalized by the Instagram algorithm and finally we will only be able to analyze the data, nothing more!
Clear. Simple. Easy. Practical. Intuitive. Complete. Available. These are some of the adjectives used by our customers to describe their experience with NJL!
Inside you will find video tutorials and tips that will guide you through data analysis. In case you have any doubts you can write to us in Live Chat and we will be happy to help you!
Of course! You can activate a higher plan or switch to yearly subscription at any time by returning to the subscriptions page.
Yes! To do this, check the add collaborator box above the subscription activation button.
Yes! The language adapts automatically according to the one used on your browser. The languages available are: English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
You can change the time zone of the charts in your personal area!
Yes, Not Just Analytics is a subscription service and provides for automatic renewal on a quarterly or annual basis in relation to the type of subscription chosen.
You can deactivate the renewal of your subscription by logging into your personal area.